• How does the 3-in-1 diaper bag work?
        The 3-in-1 diaper bag easily converts to a fold-out bed in just a few simple steps. You can use the diaper bag as a travel bag, diaper bag and cot. Full instructions are included with each diaper bag.

      • What is the size of the diaper bag?
        The changing bag has a size of 40x30x20 cm in travel bag mode and a size of 70x40x20 cm in fold-out bed mode. It is perfect for traveling with your baby.

      • How long does the delivery take ?
        We ship your order the same day if it is made the week before noon or the next day. Delivery generally takes between 2 and 3 working days for orders in mainland France, Spain and Belgium. For international orders, the delivery time may vary depending on the country of destination.

      • How to clean the diaper bag?
        The changing bag can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and a little mild soap or in the washing machine on cold. Be sure to completely dry the bag before using it again.

      • Is the changing bag resistant?
        Yes, the diaper bag is made from high quality materials and is designed to be tough and durable.

      • Is the diaper bag comfortable for baby?
        Yes, the fold-out bed included in the changing bag is comfortable and safe for baby. It is made from soft and breathable materials to ensure a comfortable sleep.

      • Can I return the diaper bag if it does not meet my expectations?
        Yes, you can return the diaper bag within 100 days of receipt if you are unhappy with your purchase. The product as well as the return costs will be refunded and 3 trees will still be planted :) .

      • Is the Coufely® diaper bag compatible with pushchairs?
        Yes, the Coufely® is designed to be easily attached to most pushchairs thanks to its 2 attachment straps included.

      • Is the Coufely® diaper bag water resistant?
        Yes, the Coufely® is made from high quality oxford cotton which is water resistant to protect your belongings from the elements.

      • Does the Coufely® changing bag have a guarantee?
        Yes, the Coufely® has a quality guarantee against manufacturing defects for 180 days. If you have any issues with your bag, please contact us for a replacement.

      • Is the Coufely® changing bag suitable for children over 2 years old?
        The Coufely® bag is designed for children up to 2 years old as a travel cot, but it can still be used as a changing backpack for older children.

      • Can the Coufely® changing bag be used as an ordinary backpack?
        Yes, the Coufely® can be used as a regular backpack once you are done using its changing bag and travel cot functions.

      • What is included with the diaper bag?
        With the Coufely® bag you are ready to go at any time! It comes with an ultra-comfortable changing mat for quick and hygienic baby changes. In addition, it is equipped with practical hooks to easily hang it on your stroller, you will no longer need to carry a heavy backpack. It is also equipped with a charging cable and its USB interface.

      • Is the bag usable once baby gets too big?
        Thanks to our integrated changing station, you can change your baby safely and discreetly, from 0 to 10 months.
        After this period, you can continue to use your Coufely® backpack as a classic diaper backpack, perfect for carrying baby's things or even your own! It combines style, functionality and durability to accompany you on all your travels.