Les essentiels à emporter dans votre sac à langer pour un bébé heureux et confortable

    The essentials to take in your diaper bag for a happy and comfortable baby

    The diaper bag is an essential companion for all parents who want to be ready in all circumstances when they are on the go with their little one. Preparing this precious ally well allows you to anticipate its needs and ensure its well-being at all times. In this article, discover the essentials that you should always have in your diaper bag.

    Diapers and hygiene products

    Among the first elements to integrate into the bag are obviously the disposable or washable diapers. For an outing of only a few hours, it is advisable to take at least three layers. Don't forget also the packet of wet wipes (preferably biodegradable), as well as a tube of protective cream to avoid redness caused by the diaper.


    In the event of unforeseen accidents such as regurgitation or urinary leakage, always think of extra clothing: clean, dry bodysuit with short pajamas if necessary - particularly useful if it is cold - without forgetting a pair of socks or mittens depending on the season. In addition, do not hesitate to slip a small towel to cover baby during the changes.

    Necessary for food

    For small appetites and thirsts, always provide a bottle or a pacifier as well as mineral or thermal water. If your child is on breast milk, don't forget your nursing pads and the breast pump in case of engorgement. For those who are into solid meals, think of an airtight box with a few disposable or washable spoons as well as a small snack adapted to their age (cereals without added sugar) and a small jar of vegetables/fruits according to their tastes.

    Items for comfort

    The changing bag must also be equipped with the essentials to ensure your baby's comfort: a small fleece blanket depending on the climate - can be used on the knees in the stroller when it's cold -, a soft cotton multipurpose swaddle - such as protection against possible accidents — and a matching ergonomic pillow if needed on longer journeys.

    Health security

    Don't forget about health either: always take with you physiological serum intended for the care of the nose and eyes as well as a digital thermometer - ideal for quickly checking your temperature -, some sterile dressings suitable for sensitive skin, but also the drugs prescribed by the pediatrician.

    Practical accessories

    To make your daily life with baby easier, think of small objects such as a plastic bag to pack soiled nappies or even a small waterproof pouch to slip into the main compartment of the bag to store anything wet (wipes, baby bottles, etc.) empty) and thus avoid wetting all its contents. A transparent toilet bag containing rubber bands – useful for keeping the diaper in place during the change – a small mirror and other essentials will also be very practical.


    In the end, the organization of the diaper bag must be thought of as a real art: each parent has their own tips and preferences for optimizing the space available to them. The most important thing, however, is to be well organized and always ready to deal with the unexpected encountered during outings with baby. By paying attention to all these essential details, you are sure to be able to fully enjoy your moments spent together without stress or unpleasant surprises!

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