Top 5 des lieux pour balader bébé à Bordeaux

    Top 5 places for baby walks in Bordeaux

    Photo credit Marine Monteils baby photographer in Bordeaux

    Discover our selection of the five best places in Bordeaux to enjoy beautiful walks with your baby. Whether you are looking for green parks, walks along the river, or places with panoramic views, Bordeaux is full of sites suitable for toddlers. Explore these carefully chosen spaces to provide your child with a safe and stimulating environment, conducive to learning and relaxation. Join us for a journey through the city's must-sees, and discover the hidden gems that make Bordeaux an ideal place for family outings.

    the public garden (Bordeaux)

    1. The Public Garden

    The Public Garden is an ideal place for family outings with babies . This large, magnificent park offers a multitude of activities for the little ones, such as pedal boat rentals, playgrounds and an educational farm. Parents can also enjoy the beauty of the park by strolling through its shady paths or by settling down on one of the many lawns.

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    quincunx square

    2. Place des Quinconces

    The Place des Quinconces is one of the largest squares in Europe and offers an ideal place for families to stroll. With its fountains, statues and majestic trees, this square is an essential place to stroll in Bordeaux. Parents can stroll quietly with their baby while admiring the beauty of Bordeaux's architecture.

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    The Quays of the Garonne in Bordeaux

    3. The Quays of the Garonne

    The Quays of the Garonne offer a magnificent view of the city of Bordeaux and are a very popular place for walks with families. Parents can enjoy the view while pushing their stroller accompanied by your 3-in-1 changing bag along the quays. It is also possible to take a break in one of the many cafes or restaurants that line the quays.

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    Bordeaux Park

    4. Bordeaux Park

    Parc Bordelais is another large park in Bordeaux that offers many activities for families with babies. Parents can stroll through the paths of the park while admiring the magnificent French gardens. Children can enjoy the playgrounds and water games.

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    The Botanical Garden in Bordeaux

    5. The Botanical Garden

    The Botanical Garden of Bordeaux is an ideal place for a walk for families with babies. This garden offers a wide variety of plants and flowers, as well as play areas for children. Parents can relax in the English gardens or admire the many century-old trees that populate the garden.

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